Voices of Terminus

The Voices of Terminus Show was founded on March 23rd of 2016 by Yarnila & Dalinsia. After the cancellation of EQN, VR launched their first public stream of Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen on March 11th 2016. Swiftly we decided to launch the Voices of Terminus Show. The Voices of Terminus Show covers everything on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen be it, Speculation or Theory-crafting, Player and DEV Q&As and even Crafting Discussions every corner is explored by the Voices of Terminus Show. Known for its open-minded approach, they explore possible alternatives and alterations on all the game mechanics and ways to revolutionize the MMORPG Genre.

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The Voices of Terminus Show has been airing every Friday at 6pm ET for 3 years now, as of their show scheduled for March 22nd of 2019. On the 15th of February the VoT Show Celebrated its 150th Show in style by doing something completely out of the blue: They aired a dual Player Q&A with Joe Leonard as a scheduled guest with Beardsage as an impromptu guest added 10 minutes prior to going live. There was no better way to celebrate this accomplishment currently unmatched by any other Pantheon community-based show. Coming in May of 2019 Tavern Talk will be picked back up by the Voices of Terminus Show after its longer break coming towards the end of March this year and added into its fixed schedule airing every 3rd Friday of each month. The Voices of Terminus Show will be mixing it up in 2019 adding even more to its already very busy schedule. VoT Game Night will be airing every first Friday of every month. As an addition, the Community Show will be scheduled to air every 3 months with even more prominent guest with the likes of Standing in Fire Podcast, PantheonPlus, Fragile and Battle-Axe Theater. There is still much more to come later this year as we launch our VoT Network on twitch in preparation of the Streamer Program from Visionary Realms. Stay tuned and join us on while we await Pantheon!

Voices of Terminus Content

6 days ago
Just a reminder due to the Thanksgiving weekend we will not be hosting a show today. We will be back on the 7th of December and joined by @BattleAxTheater if all goes as planned
2 weeks ago
Please join us Saturday as we share stories, memories & reflect back on one man who impacted thousands upon thousands across the world and why it is important we finish @PantheonMMO for him. #communitymatters https://t.co/XjEkgEh0M3 Pantheon_VoT photo
3 weeks ago
Join the VoT Crew later today for their Show @Twitch at 6pm ET as they are joined by Chaserx to talk some @PantheonMMO https://t.co/cJORMEZZZw Pantheon_VoT photo