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Welcome to the Pantheon.Plus community submission page. On this page, you can submit articles/content to the community to be posted on the site, within the categories that pertain to your content. As noted below, please know that we will edit as needed to properly portray your article submission. We will not look to alter content, just ensure the content is grammatically correct, and formatted correctly. We will reach out before posting the submitted content if we choose to do so. The point of this is for the Pantheon.Plus community to expand, but also help promote your social media content; whether it’s a blog, videos, or social media feeds. Thanks for your submission in advance, we look forward to working with everyone in the Pantheon.Plus community. Also, as an important side note, if you’d like to link content that’s already created, we are glad to share it as long as you can prove that it is your content. Any submissions are considered in good faith, and if there is any spotted plagiarism, we will remove those articles immediately.