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Our Pantheon.Plus team is a group of MMORPG veterans, looking to have a positive supporting environment for fans of Pantheon, the upcoming game from Visionary Realms. We look to add support to the overall community, by sharing information in the form of articles, videos, and social media, and it’s not just about us. We look to build something where anyone can contribute in pushing Pantheon and its community to a new level.

We are strongly against the negative culture which has engulfed gaming in a big way. While we value informative opinions and suggestions, we will not promote negativity for the sake of being negative. We believe strongly in Pantheon’s future and look to be a small helping hand in its overall success.

We were drawn to Pantheon from WoW due to our strong memories of playing Everquest and the challenge it provided. Though we have played a huge number of MMORPGs, the memories from Everquest shine the brightest, and we all look forward to something similar. We understand however, that Pantheon is not Everquest, but is being built with that gamer type in mind, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We look forward to producing media and forming friendships within the community.

Pantheon.Plus Content

46 minutes ago
A post to our YouTube community today about a new quick focus content idea, thoughts? PantheonPlus photo
2 hours ago
We had our biggest PantheonPlusYou ever last night with over 200 unique views during the live stream! You guys are incredible; the @PantheonMMO community is simply amazing. It was a little longer, but GREAT overall discussion, check it out on-demand.
2 hours ago
If you haven't checked out our video "Why Pantheon" check it out with the link below. The community pitched in huge for this one, and we are almost at 1000 views, making it our fastest growing video! Share it out and keep the @PantheonMMO hype going!
12 hours ago
Wow, super humbled by such a kind retweet. Thank you.
12 hours ago
Let's get it going @Dschlow known as "Roenick" is known for dying a lot in @PantheonMMO streams. But not anymore... He Brings the THUNDER! @VisionaryRealms @BenDeanReality @SaicredTV @Joppa_VR @xKilsin