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Chris Kane has been a professional voice actor since 2004. When not using his deep, gravelly voice to narrate things, he can usually be found playing video games, drinking coffee, practicing iaido, eating bacon and yelling at children to stay off his lawn.

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2 days ago
Instead of drawing out the enemy sniper, the role of the fake horse carcass was designed to prevent them from arousing suspicion in no man’s land. #voiceover #SimpleHistory
5 days ago
Frank Abagnale Jr. - The Teenager who Faked being a Pilot, a Doctor and a Lawyer #voiceover #SimpleHistory
5 days ago
SKYSCRAPER SLIDE? 10 Most Dangerous Slides of All Time #voiceover #top10
2 weeks ago
I shall miss you, you crumb-catching, auburn-hued, nose broom. #Movember ChrisKaneVO photo