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  • 2021-02-02 15:23

Fanfic written by Crowsinger in the universe of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen by Visionary Realms

Chapter One

Three seers whisper and hum, a shimmering song that rises and falls like the chittering of wyvernflies in the dusk. Deep into the night they thread the song, fingers playing in strings of beads among which bits of amber glow.

As the night drifts on, fireflies dance around them in a circle, and the very trees seem to hiss and sway. Still the seers play among the beads—mournweasel bone, mud bead, dried woodberry, pulsing amber.

Only as the eastern sky begins to glow does the song reach its chorus. They hold one last shivering note, and then become suddenly silent. They turn as one to the east to watch the glow of morn beyond the trees. At last, just before the sun awakes, the one for which they sing appears.

They can only see the spirit in silhouette... but it is enough. Standing upright on two legs like a Kiri, but with the horns of a stag rising above its head. It stands very still, as if watching them for a sign, though the reverse is true.

One of the seers draws a breath as the silhouette of a small fox jumps onto the shoulder of the spirit.

Then the vision fades as the rays of morning shine through the watching trees.

The chief seer sighs and says, "It seems this one is meant for something after all."

One of the others gathers the bundle from the ground in the middle of the circle, and as one they head for the enclave.


❖ ❖ ❖


The Chief of Thistledown shakes his head. The three figures, hooded and cloaked, make him uneasy. He knows little of the ways of the Maidyn.

"What do you mean?" he finally asks. "I thought you said the child was abandoned."

"Better to say that she was cached," says the leader... Ikaskovi? It is her the Chief fears the most, for she wears beneath her hood a mask like a creature from some midwinter mummer's play, and candlethorn roots glow beneath her ears.

"But..." He tries to regain his footing. "Caches are for supplies, or messages—"

"Then consider her a message. Someone left her in the cache to be found and placed the dragonwing signal. And I believe we have discovered who wanted her found."

The Chief shakes his head. "Who?"

Ikaskovi turns to one of her companions, who says, "A message was sent through the lesser oak villages. Two hunters of the Nothi disappeared while journeying to the village of Miroska past the Busk Pool."

"Yes, I have heard of them. They were said to be lost without a trace."

"Not without a trace," says Ikaskovi. "This child was found in the cache, and we believe she was placed there to protect her from whatever they faced."

The Chief stares down at the child, who murmurs softly. Two leather cords dangle from her neck. From one, an amber bead glows. From the other hang three wraith tusks. No doubt both pendants had been worn by her parents, who would be several days dead now.

He looks up as the door opens and Saravai enters.

"Forgive me," says the Druid. "I was speaking with hunters near the river." He sees the Maidyn seers and bows slightly.

"The Maidyn have brought," the Chief waves at the child, "this—"

"Druid," finishes Saravai.

The Chief blinks. "You know?"

One corner of the old Druid's mouth quirks and he says, "Even now she hears the whispers, and she is not afraid."

The Chief glances at the seers, but they seem content to let him take responsibility. Very well then.

"Will you take her?" he asks the Druid.

"I am old," answers Saravai, smiling, "and have yet to meet someone that I can teach the ways. Another few years and it would have been too late." He blinks and looks to Ikaskovi. "Is she meant for something? Chosen?"

The seer laughs. "That is not how fate works. She is not chosen... but perhaps she will choose."

Saravai nods. "Then I will choose as well, and teach her the ways of Hirode."


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Glad to have your content represented on Pantheon.Plus!

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It's about time you start getting your projects over here.

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Thank you so much for transplanting the story here!!