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  • 2021-03-24 14:48

Lore 2 Loot #3

Do you like being smarter than everyone else?  Do you also like to blow things up?  My friend, you might love playing a wizard.  In this article of Lore 2 Loot, we will be discussing where that fresh wizard loot might be hiding in the land of Terminus.

The playable class of Wizard is limited to the races of human, dark myr, archai, gnome, and elf.  This list seems to encompass races that put an emphasis on written knowledge and the pursuit of it through study and research.  This is a decent way to think through it on VR’s end, and we may be able to glean more info from this mindset as we go forward.

Obviously, the mobs aren’t even known for 99% of the gameboard.  We don’t know how many random named mobs will be lurking in caves and villages and TOWERS.  But we do know some already, even this early in the game.  Let’s take a look at the list.

#1. Coming in on the top spot is none other than the WarWizards themselves.  This band of merry demi-gods spanked the fallen Ginto deity known as the Ravaging Lord and his corrupted army of Revenant (with the help of a dragon, of course… shout out to my boy, Rok’Nhilthamos) although one was lost tragically in the final battle.  It is notable that the number of WarWizards and the number of races allied with the Remnant of the Ginto people and the uncorrupted deity was six.  We are told that one came from each race’s pantheon though we aren’t told which one perished. As Chris “Joppa” Perkins has pointed out many a time, there will be ways in the game to attain abilities that are very rare and special that takes a feat to find and to arrive at.  I suspect we will see WarWizards still remain in the world.  Can you say Raid Boss?  I guarantee if you fight these guys you will get some amazing gear.  Or do you not fight them and do your quest to attain their abilities, or both?

#2. A distant two would have to be the zone called the Tower of the Reckless Magician.  Now, Pantheon does not have a class called a mage or magician.  They have a class called a summoner which is a close=ish representation to high fantasy mages from other games.  However, watching gameplay, there should be a mix of casters that populate this zone and provide some good loot for 20-30s wizards even if the Reckless Magician himself may wind up being a summoner and not a wizard.

#3. Following the thinking of VR in choosing playable races for wizards, we are looking for NPCs that fit the same description for these races.  The easiest path is the races themselves.  Cities that may hate each other faction-wise will both have a training area for their wizards.  For opposing factions, setting up a camp to go against the leader of the Wizards for the Dark Myr may be an excellent goal to shoot for.  I’d suspect that you would need to bring some big guns to that battle.

#4. In the same vein as #3, there are non-playable races currently in Terminus.  Which ones should we look to for casters?  Glad you asked.  The corrupted dwarves of Amberfaet? NO.  As we see, dwarves are not wizards according to VR.  So what races do we know that research and study the arcane?  The first one that comes to mind are the Lycandrell.  Some of them are more aggressive than others, but several sects have made it their life’s goal to study all things Terminus to attain a connection with their worshipped deity, Lycus.  The Ulfhednari of Frozja Nochta would be a good place to start.  Another group that is not as focused on following Lycus but may still semi-follow him are the Wos Che, the battle-hardened sect of the Lycandrell kind.  He was devoted to learning the knowledge and wisdom of Terminus and communing with his disciples.  Don’t look for wizards in orc tribes.  Don’t look for them in the land of giants. Don’t look for them in Ratkin. Basically, anything that’s dumb, they’re not going to be there. The corrupted elves that populate the Murkwood would probably be a great place to look.

#5. Rounding out the list, we should get off of people and look to places.  We have been given a few beans of late regarding the crafting system.  While it seems it will be a robust system that will have a lot of flexibility, I would look to gems for a perfect crafting item for Wizards.  This would bring us potentially right back to the dwarves of Amberfaet where we said look for no wizards here.  It may be a great place to get crafting resources.  Another obvious spot for finding objects useful to Wizard crafting may lay with the ancient wielders of the arcane, Dragons.  Any dragon in the game I would say will have the potential for items useful to wizards, especially in a craftable sense.  Even the language of the King of the Dragons is imbued with magic.

On a final note, it may behoove an aspiring pyromaniac to delve into the art of Perception.  The knowledge of the Dragon Accord itself is a study of the arcane.  Find its pieces, its origin.  Any parchment that may have dragon language on it may be a useful item to a wizard especially.

Wizards will play a large role in Pantheon: ROTF.  Brad McQuaid’s old WarWizards game should speak directly to this.  It was important enough to make wizards the most powerful class in the game, able to defeat fallen gods and entire armies.  So remember to grab as much Wizard loot as you possibly can because, as DraqAttack has told us when it comes to fireballs, size does matter.