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9 hours ago
11:11 PM EST about to fall asleep in bed, I get the notification. I am so humbled right now, & honestly emotional that this happened. The @PantheonMMO community is incredible & has always been amazing in support & feedback. I don't mean to be cheesy, but100% real here. Ty ❤️❤️ PantheonPlus photo
1 day ago
Incredible night tonight talking @PantheonMMO Development with the community on PantheonPlusYou. Thank you @BazgrimTV for co-hosting, it was a blast. If you couldn't catch it live, check it out below! Also thank you to those from VR that attended!
2 days ago
9 PM EST tonight, PantheonPlusYou EP9 goes LIVE. I will be joined by non-other than the @PantheonMMO expert, @BazgrimTV, & we will be discussing the pacing of development; how we feel about current progress. Join us live & share your thoughts! Be Heard!
2 days ago
You all asked, and here it is. Very exciting!
PantheonPlus photo
Pantheon @PantheonMMO
Join us October 23 at 6pm PDT as we present the first of our new, bi-weekly video Newsletters presented live on our Twitch channel. #CommunityMatters #pantheonmmo
2 days ago
Our Pre-show @PantheonMMO Reddit post is up for Episode 9 of PantheonPlusYou, featuring our co-host @BazgrimTV. If your looking to be a part, check the link for info how or to join in on the pre-discussion, whether it's on reddit or discord. BE HEARD!

At PantheonPlus, we believe quite simply that the Pantheon team is out to break the current trends of MMORPGS which end up failing because they attempt to appease everyone, while at the same time alienating a large portion of their base. This MMORPG is being made with purpose, for a particular player-base, and this simple direction protects the core values of the development team. This means we know what we are getting with Pantheon before we begin playing. This is a massive PVE world, focused on cooperation, with difficult challenges that will not simply be steamrolled over. You’ll have to be aware of your world, the players around you, and your ability to support the community in a positive way will have impactful meaning.

Our goal is to get the word out to all those that have been craving a game like this, and help generate excitement while being a helpful part of the community.